eLearning Quality Award 2017

Dec 02, 2017

The  most prestigious annual event in the Hungarian e-learning scene, the eLearning Forum was held the eighteenth time in November 2017. The Organizing Committee announced an eLearning Quality Award for high quality e-learning content developers. The proposals were evaluated by a professional committee. Our content developed in close cooperation with the Bonafarm Group team ("Onboarding Module 1 - The Bonafarm Group") was ranked second in the professional competition.



National Knocking (blades without rubber) Championship

Jan 01, 2017

After supporting the Generation Battle of Table Tennis we will support the National Knocking (blades without rubber) Championship on the 8th of January, 2017, in the Ormai László table tennis hall, which is also a World Cup qualifier. Some say this is the real "ping-pong".


We're exhibiting at Bett Show 2016

Dec 16, 2015

2016 starts with a large professional moment for us, as we are exhibiting at the BETT Show on 20-23th January in London. 

We will exhibit some of our products and solutions e.g. Game-based Learning, Educational portal developed in-house. We will also present Educational methodology solutions via Augmented Reality (AR).



Our experience in the development of educational resources goes back more than ten years. In our development process, we strive to combine the newest of cutting edge technology with our store of experience in education, accumulated over the years.

LMS solutions

The efficient and economical training of employees is a challenging problem for lots of companies. It might not be a coincidence, that those with adequate computer and network infrastructure are leading the way with the use of e-learning applications. The most valuable features of these are interactive courses, presentations, sharing source material, quizzes and exams with reports, but there are others - including forums, polls, video conferences - that allow your company to create a vibrant on-line space of education. Neting Informatika Ltd. has been installing, maintaining, and creating content for these systems for over ten years. We are at your service.

Educational apps

With the advent of handheld devices, a new frontier of technology and content has opened up. These tools are now ubiquitous in education as well, with the emrgence of so called m-learning, which demands a comlpetely new approach to adapting content. The experts in pedagogical approach and dedicated team of developers at Neting Informatika Ltd. await your contact with a long history of application development on any platform, be it iOS, Android or Windows.

Educational portals

The development of an educational portal is always preceded by the creation of a vision. This is a crucial step, to ensure the project is effective and a cut above the competition. Many companies on the market only offer technical development of a portal, while we at Neting Informatika Ltd are involved also in the creation of the initial vision, to help your site come to life.

The team